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Winter Adventures

Looking for a way to escape the winter blues? Get outside! Many people in Eastern Idaho are like bears in the wintertime, they hibernate for 5 months of the year! We’re here to tell you that the winter time is the perfect time to get outdoors and adventure, albeit with a little bit of additional preparation. Today we will share with you 3 easy and fun activities that anyone, including families, can do outside when those winter blues hit!

Activity #1: Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing is awesome! All you have to do is put on your winter gear (Minus a layer if you sweat like I do) then strap these puppies onto your winter boots and go! Many people worry that there is a steep learning curve with these complicated contraptions, we’re here to tell you there is not! As long as you can walk you can snowshoe. We do highly recommend taking along a pair of poles with you for balance though, this is why all of our snowshoes rentals come with adjustable poles. Now the big question, where to go??? For beginners we recommend giving the Teton Lakes Golf Course just outside of Rexburg a try. They have a well groomed trail and you can challenge yourself for as long as you’d like to go. If you want to get out in the mountains there are several places to go that are relatively easy and very safe for those new to the sport. Harriman State Park is a well known and beautiful adventure, Cave Falls Road where the plowing stops is also a wonderful set of groomed trails. However, my personal favorite is Bear Gulch to Mesa Falls. This trail is gorgeous and a great adventure on either X-Country Skis or Snowshoes, although we recommend you make sure you are well aware of where you are going in case a snowstorm hits! To get on the trail you park at the Bear Gulch parking lot and head up the hill until just past the summer pull off, there is a trail there that will kick you into the trees and allow you to follow the river to the falls (Give us a call at 208-206-9011 if you need a little more info)!

Activity #2: Sledding

Sledding is an awesome activity and one everyone, young and old, should give a go each winter. Our kids absolutely love getting out and barreling down that hill with the snow blowing in their faces (at least until the rosy cheeks start to hurt!). The big question is where to go??? Between Rexburg and St. Anthony there are numerous spots with some of the more popular being as follows:

Smith Park (Rexburg)
Sugar City Hill (on the Southern edge of Sugar City)
Jaycee Park (St. Anthony)

We love to sled these locations, but if you’re looking for a true adventure, go find your own in the mountains! Be sure its safe before ever attempting to sled down though.

Activity #3: Ice Fishing

Ice Fishing can seem a little daunting at first but if it’s been super cold outside this is a fun and exciting outdoor adventure for young and old! All you need is an auger, an ice scoop, and a couple of fishing poles and you’re good to go. If your missing any of that you can rent it from our shop or choose to reserve our package that comes with everything you need to hit the ice! Once you are on the lake you simply find a spot, drill a couple of holes, drop a fishing line down each, then sit back and enjoy some cocoa! As in each of these adventures the trick is in knowing where to go! Luckily Idaho has an abundance of Ice Fishing locations:

Ririe Reservoir
Mackay Reservoir
Henrys Lake
Ashton Reservoir
Island Park Reservoir

No matter how you choose to get out this winter, we’re here to elevate your adventure! Give us a call at 208-206-9011 and we will be more than willing to chat about what you can do and where you can go or, if you just need some gear, feel free to book online at instagearoutdoors.com and we will have everything ready for your next big adventure!