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Why St. Anthony, Idaho?

Why St. Anthony Idaho?

Why visit St. Anthony? Why live in St. Anthony? Why recreate close to St. Anthony? We hear these questions all the time. We are lucky to call St. Anthony home for our family, as well as for our rental shop. Why are we lucky you may ask? There are oh so many reasons; the small town feel, the many wonderful events that the city hosts, the people, and of course being close to some world class recreation opportunities! Today we will answer all these questions and more about St. Anthony, Idaho!

Why visit or live in St. Anthony, Idaho? For the small town feel and proximity to world class recreation and views of course! What constitutes the small-town feel? The residents coming together to take care of business owners who lost crucial equipment in a fire. The local pharmacist taking time out of his day to dose out an over-the-counter allergy medication for our infant who couldn’t get any relief. The friendly shop owner, who when someone sticks their head in and asks, “where’s the best place to eat in town?” rattles off a variety of suggestions ( we love the Smoke Wagon BBQ or Tacos La Perla Tapatia by the way), all while being friendly and learning about the person.

That small town hospitality, to me, is the biggest reason of “Why St. Anthony”! However, lest we forget, we are only a short drive from Yellowstone, The Grand Tetons, World Class Sand Dunes, Island Park, and hundreds of thousands of acres of public land filled with recreational opportunities. If you’re looking for motorsports, between the Sand Dunes and Island Park, we’ve got you covered during every season. If you’re looking to play in the water, we are close to a variety of recreational floats on the Snake River as well as close to some of the best white water in the world. If fishing and hunting is more your jam, all you have to do is step out your back door and you’re throwing a fly to a rising cutthroat or putting the stalk on a world class bull elk. Hiking, backpacking, camping, base jumping, rock climbing, skiing or just a good old bear-jam, all of it is within a short drive of St. Anthony Idaho making us the perfect spot to stay on your next adventure.

If you need suggestions on where you can stay in St. Anthony (we recommend the Silver Horseshoe Inn) or where you can go to enjoy a particular type of adventure, please don’t hesitate to call or stop by our shop located in the heart of St. Anthony on Bridge Street. We would gladly point out a few of our favorite places to head for dinner or your next adventure activity. As always, no matter how you adventure, we would love to help you ADVENTURE BETTER!

If you mention this blog post we will gladly give you 10% of your next rental! We offer all water sports ( Kayaks, Paddleboards, Tubes ), camping gear, hiking gear, fishing gear, and a variety of other outdoor gear rentals.