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Things to Do Near Ashton, Idaho


Things to Do Near Ashton, Idaho

Looking for something to do close to Ashton, Idaho? We’ve got you covered. Located just down the hill from Island Park, Ashton is a hidden treasure trove of fun and exciting adventures. In this edition of our Adventure Guide, we will detail a few fun and exciting outdoor activities, can’t miss items in Ashton, and the top places to eat in the area.

Things to Do

  1. Feed the fish at Warm River

Located just downriver from the warm river campground, this is a can’t miss stop on your day of Adventure in Ashton. Take a relaxing tube float ( tube rentals available here, https://instagearoutdoors.com/rentals/)  down past the campground and get out just before the bridge and then stop by the observation deck you’ll see just downriver along highway 47. With hundreds of fish ranging in size from 8-36 inches you and your children are sure to enjoy seeing some of these monsters explode up out of the water. We recommend an “anything you have in the car” type of diet, but we most often bring bread to toss to the fish!

  1. Teton Scenic Byway

A Roughly 70 mile stretch of roads that travels underneath the West Side of the Grand Tetons, this is a must take drive if you are visiting Eastern Idaho.

  • Location: Begins on Idaho 31 in Swan Valley and ends on Idaho 47 in Ashton.
  • Length: 68.9 miles
  • Best Time to Drive: Spring or early fall

Our favorite part of this Byway is the Ashton-Tetonia bike trail. It follows the abandoned railroad grade of the Teton Valley Branch of the Union Pacific Railroad from Ashton to Tetonia. With views of the Tetons along the way, bike riding doesn’t get better than this!

  1. Fishing at the Ashton Reservoir Boat Dock

Just off Highway 20 on the NorthWest corner of Ashton is the Ashton reservoir boat ramp and a small picnic area. We typically take our kayaks and boats out here after floating down the Henry’s Fork of the Snake River (Rental Kayaks available here, https://instagearoutdoors.com/rentals/) and then have a picnic and cast a line. Fish are frequently planted in the reservoir at this area and as such 10-12” rainbow trout are plentiful and make for a fun afternoon of catching vs. fishing for the kids.


Highlights of Ashton

  1. American Dog Derby

Typically held in the third week of February, if your close by this spectacle is tops in our book of things to do in Ashton. It is the oldest dog sled race in the US, with the first American Dog Derby being held on March 4, 1917. In years with plentiful snow the derby kicks off on Ashton’s Main Street and includes all sorts of activities including snowshoe racing, the mutt race, and a weight pull.

  1. 4th of July Parade and Fireworks

Long ago it was decided that in Fremont County, Ashton would host the 4th of July festivities and St. Anthony would host the 24th of July (Pioneer Day) festivities. Both are worth the taking the time to go to. In Ashton you’ll get a blast from the past with old tractors and good ole American Liberty on display throughout the parade and then an amazing small town fireworks show paid for entirely by the efforts and donations of the residents of the area. Our favorite viewing spot is at the high school football field, parked between the cemetery and East end zone!


Top Places to Eat in Ashton

  1. Big Jud’s Big Burgers

Don’t forget to feed the crew after  Glamping in the great outdoors! Our favorite stop is Big Jud’s Big Burgers where they serve up an all American fair. There specialty is a 1 lb. burger that can feed the whole family. If you can eat it by yourself, you can even get your picture up on the wall!

  1. 511 Main Fountain and Pizzeria

If pizza, soup, or salad is more your thing you can’t go wrong with 511 Main. Locally owned and with a splash of local décor throughout, 511 main hosts the towns only Soda bar.

  1. Dave’s Jubilee Market

Our kids ensure we never miss a chance to stop by Dave’s for ice cream after a day of adventuring. I don’t know if it’s the brand of ice cream or the fact that we are always pooped after a day of floating the river on kayaks or camping in the backcountry, but their ice cream has always tasted amazing to me! With flavors like moosetracks, playdoh, and superman, the kids always enjoy!

No matter your adventure, we know Ashton Idaho is a little slice of small town heaven. If you need help getting out on the river or finding a few of these spots, please feel free to give us a call. We will gladly point you in the right direction, set you up with a kayak or paddleboard rental, or get you accommodations in one of our glamping tents!


Keep Adventuring!

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