Ashton to Tetonia Rails to Trails Bike Shuttle

About the Ashton to Tetonia Bike Trail

The Ashton-Tetonia Trail, opened in 2010 and is managed by the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation through Harriman State Park, spans 29.6 miles following the abandoned Teton Valley Branch of the Union Pacific Railroad from Ashton to Tetonia. Originally built in 1912 by the Oregon Short Line Railroad, this line connected Ashton, Idaho, through Drummond, Lamont, Tetonia, Driggs, and Victor, fostering prosperity in the Teton Valley by linking isolated communities and supporting agricultural commerce. Despite heavy snowfalls often closing the line, it was essential for transportation, with passenger trains connecting to West Yellowstone, Pocatello, and Salt Lake City. However, improvements to State Highways 32 and 33 led to a decline in rail use, resulting in the line’s abandonment from Tetonia to Victor in 1981 and from Ashton to Tetonia in 1984. Today, the trail offers a pristine, secluded environment featuring small riparian areas, stands of aspen, and three historic trestle bridges with breathtaking views of the Teton Mountains. Visitors can enjoy activities such as hiking, biking, horseback riding, Nordic skiing, snowshoeing, and snowmobiling. The packed gravel/dirt trail is ideal for mountain bikes or bikes with tires at least 32mm wide, while road bikes are not suitable.


Our Services:
  • Ashton Drop Off and Pick-Up: $50 (This shuttle can also be used for bike deliveries to the Ashton/Marysville Trailhead).
  • 3/4 Shuttle (19.2 Mile Ride): $100
    Ashton Drop Off & Judkins Parking Pickup
  • Full Shuttle (28 Mile Ride): $125
  • 1-Way ATT Return Shuttle: $125
    Pickup at Ashton or Tetonia and return to vehicle at opposite trail head. (You can also utilize this option to return drivers to vehicles to pick up larger groups.)
  • Harriman Bike Delivery: $125
    Visitor Center Drop-off and Pickup at arranged time. (Minimum two bike rental.)
  • Mid-Trail Bike Services: $125 + Supplies
  • E-Bike Rental: $59 / day

    *All shuttle prices include capacity for up to 5 individuals and 5 bikes. Additional bike space can be added upon request for an additional fee.
    **All shuttles will meet at InstaGear Outdoor Co. unless other arrangements are made with InstaGear Staff.

    Why Choose Our Shuttle Service?

    • Convenience: Save time and effort with our reliable shuttle service, allowing you to focus on enjoying the trail.
    • Safety: Our shuttles are equipped with bike racks and operated by experienced drivers, ensuring your gear is transported safely.
    • Flexibility: We offer multiple shuttle times to fit your schedule, making it easy to plan your day.


    Bookings are currently available by calling 208-206-9011 or emailing We encourage shuttle and delivery bookings to be made at least two weeks prior to your adventure as shuttles are done by appointment only.