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Our Top Eastern Idaho Floats

Everyone Always asks, where’s the best place to cool off with some amazing scenery.

Lucky for you we have some pretty amazing waterways and lakes in Eastern Idaho!

Below you will find some of our top float trips in the area with both amazing scenery and the recipe for some fun:

#1) Henry’s Fork of the Snake River – Just North of Ashton Idaho the Henry’s fork float has great scenery and fishing while also being conveniently located. While many individuals float this stretch in tubes alone we recommend taking this stretch of river on with a kayak or paddle board. Put in is just before the bridge at the end of Fisherman’s Drive with takeout at the boat ramp just after the Highway 20 bridge. Float takes 1.5-2 hrs.

#2) Buffalo River – Located in the center of Island Park the Buffalo Campground Float is perfect for families! Leave a car in the parking lot at ponds lodge for a shuttle and then head up to Buffalo Campground Loop D to put in. This float will take you about 45 minutes and is a great stretch for the kiddos to be able to paddle around and play on the way down. If your feeling really adventurous there are even a few creeks that feed the river to paddle up and explore. Just make sure you remember the way back if you choose to head off the main river!

#3) Big Springs – A popular float in Island Park Big Springs is best to catch in the early morning or evening so as to avoid the crowds. If you get in before all the people show up, this stretch of river is often a favorite hangout for the local moose crew. Just make sure to give them a wide birth as you pass them in the water! Starting from the Big Springs Boat launch above Mack’s Inn with takeout right at Mack’s Inn before the Highway 20 Bridge this is an easy and scenic float for families to make. Be forewarned that even though Big Springs shoots up out of the ground and has constant waterflow year round, there are some low spots you will need to walk your boat through.