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Jube’s Tubes of St. Anthony, Idaho Purchased by InstaGear Outdoor Rentals

We did it! It may have been a couple of months ago but we wanted to make it website official. We had the opportunity to purchase Jube’s Tubes from the then owners and we jumped at it! Jube and his crew were great to work with and answered many of our questions as we headed towards our first rental season in the shop. When we purchased Jube’s Tubes it was located on Main Street of Saint Anthony, Idaho and we were able to increase our rental float tube and lifejacket inventories substantially. We opened shop just around the corner from their old location, we are currently at 9 North Bridge Street, St. Anthony right next to Hamilton Realty. This purchase means… we should never run out of rental tubes this summer! It was a great opportunity for us to be able to add to our inventory as well as learn a thing or two about the gear rental business.


Some of the great lessons that Jube’s Tubes shared with us are as follows:

  1. When renting tubes you never have enough plugs on hand! We go through tube plugs like crazy!
  2. People at the Saint Anthony Sand Dunes want to play in the water after a day in the Sand! (This is sooooo true!)
  3. E600 goop is the best patch material for vinyl tubes! If you ever need to patch a tube, swing on by and we will see if we can’t hook you up! As you can imagine, rental tubes are constantly coming back with small holes or tears… this stuff seals them right up!
  4. Rental Kayaks will get dragged…A LOT! So reinforce the bottoms. This is so true! If you ever rent a kayak from us whether you be near St Anthony or near Ashton or anywhere past or in between PLEASE DON’T DRAG THE YAKS! These boats are our lifeblood and how we put food on the table, it’s always difficult when they come back banged up to the point they are no longer useable.
  5. People love to float… ANYWHERE!

As you can see, we learned lots from Jube and his crew over at Jube’s Tubes and we are grateful for all of their help and valuable lessons passed on. We are excited to become the premier outdoor gear rental and retail shop for Eastern Idaho. If you ever have suggestions as to what you would like to see us carry, feel free to reach out to us at instagearoutdoors@gmail.com or drop by our website at instagearoutdoors.com.

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